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TECHNICAL ADVISORY GROUP, in partnership with Infone is introducing an ENHANCED DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE SOLUTIONS at an affordable price.

Our ENHANCED DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE SOLUTIONS provides access to daily updated telephone company directory assistance listing databases for corporations to use to ensure accurate address and phone number information. This breakthrough process provides cost-effective utilization of data that are updated each night to ensure the individual, address, and phone number are as accurate as possible.

Our data services replace the need to use an aggregated data source for low cost address information, which has historically resulted in a high percentage of inaccurate address information being used for mission-critical campaigns and projects.

While the currency of most list cleansing companies is 60-90 days, ours is next day.

  • Our information contains over 160 million telephone company directory assistance listings.
  • 500,000-1,000,000 changes are processed each night, including approximately 15,000 changes submitted by operators.
  • We provide access to this service through a list cleansing or appending service.
  • Customers may access this service by sending in batch file with large numbers of addresses that need validation or through an API.
  • We can process and append or validate up to one million records per hour.
  • Our pricing is competitive with aggregated data batch cleansing services. In fact, if your company is already using a similar service, it may already be using some of partnerís data and services. Unfortunately, the services probably are just marked up by the middle man you are using; a significant savings may be available by working with us directly.
Current clients of the ENHANCED DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE SOLUTIONS include large banks, credit card and catalogue retailers.

Discover how our ENHANCED DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE SOLUTIONS can benefit your business. Let our team of experts arrange a no cost evaluation for any of our services and discover the speed accuracy and economy of our product today.