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“You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure”

TECHNICAL ADVISORY GROUP, in partnership with Network Monitoring Service, is introducing a unique proactive management solution for communications networks. This management solution combines Asset Discovery, Performance Tracking, CDR Management, and Alarm Monitoring into one product. It provides ready access to critical management information from a variety of network devices through a secure web portal. Knowing what you have, how well it’s working, and how it’s being used is the foundation for planning changes, diagnosing problems and reducing cost.

We empower management to make better decisions through access to pertinent information. We are experienced in collecting configuration/inventory data, performance statistics, CDR and alarms from telephony devices on a network. Then it is consolidated on a secure web portal for easy access that provides analytical tools to make the data useful. Many of our customers have a network of devices (PBXs, voicemail systems, VoIP devices, etc.), but no relatively easy or systematic way to gather all the pertinent information that can be received from these devices. Also, they need a means to present this data in a format that will impact their daily processes. Some of the applications that this information is relevant to are:

- Capacity Planning
- Reclamation of Assets
- Work Flow Management
- Proactive Alarm Management
- Vendor Management
- Network Optimization
- Chargeback and Validation of Costs

Discover how NETWORK MONITORING SOLUTIONS can benefit your business. Companies of various sizes utilize our services with the largest being a national retailer where configuration data, performance stats and alarm history for over 1400 locations is provided. Let our team of experts apply our proven experience and extensive industry knowledge to your unique business requirements. We will provide a cost-effective solution to increase savings and reduce the hassle of managing your telecom expenses.

Network Monitoring Solutions

Discovery/Configuration Services – the capability to discover configuration data (active ports, inactive ports, licensing info, set info, features, etc.) on a network of legacy and IP enabled devices and provide a consolidated view of the data on a secure web site. Views are highly configurable by each customer and include the ability to select various methods of drilling down to the detail data. Customers can use this data to readily determine network locations that are over configured or where there is excess capacity. Licensing information can also be gathered and displayed to help customers track the number of ports that are licensed and available to their organization.

Performance Analysis – the automated collection and consolidation of traffic statistics from various devices on a heterogeneous network. This information is also combined and displayed on the web site with alarm history and configuration data. Example: Collected traffic data that shows which circuits have little or no traffic can work in conjunction with Discovery services to help customers measure and manage port capacity and circuit utilization.

Alarm Monitoring – automated real time collection of alarm data from a network of PBXs, voice mail systems, VoIP devices, etc. for historical analysis, preventive maintenance, SLA management, and dispatch. Alarm data is consolidated and displayed on a secure web site accessible by authorized individuals. This information can be used by internal technicians and/or the service provider.

Automated Services – the automation of many of the burdensome, repetitive tasks associated with managing a network, such as password resets, remote device (voice mail) reboots, dialing plan changes, speed dial list updates, etc.

CDR Management – data collection, chargeback, traffic, toll fraud, etc. NMS provides these applications via an ASP environment that is highly scalable and adaptable to each individual user or user group within an organization. This service provides an environment where applications, queries, datasets, reports, etc. can be streamlined to the requirements of each customer. It is a virtual CDR environment where customers have real time access to the system as if it were onsite, but do not have to undertake the management of polling sites, processing data, and supporting the hardware and software.

Web Overlay – Application that is available as an overlay to existing CDR products, providing secure web access throughout the enterprise to key departmental and individual usage and cost information.

Billing Edge – Application designed to present the call detail from AT&T through a secure web portal that allows authorized users to see the information that is pertinent to them. The application processes the AT&T Billing Edge media and provides a variety of desired views of the data organized by Billing Group and Bill To Number. Views include Outbound Detail, Inbound 800 Detail, VTNS Calling Card Detail, Date Summary, NPA Summary, State Summary, Management Summary, etc. Support for other carrier media being developed.

Integration Services – the integration of collected device data with other internal systems (help desk, asset mgmt., work flow processing, etc.) to further streamline customer processes.