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Reducing the cost of telecommunication expenses requires an organization to effectively control usage and cost. However, many companies struggle to obtain a clear insight and solid understanding of what telecom transactions are made by their organization. For most, telecommunications spend is wrought with such inefficiencies that you don't know how much is spent on these services, never mind how to best manage those expenses/budgets.

This inability to compile the necessary information essential in making an educated decision or having the in-house expertise to develop a strategy, implement solutions or manage and maintain the telecommunication infrastructure are budgeting nightmares. The costs of learning what can be done, acquiring adequate expertise to implement solutions and then managing and maintaining their investments, can be daunting. But, obtaining this information and using it effectively is the key to controlling expenses. Although today’s enterprise recognize the importance of this data, they are seeking to offload these tasks that are not considered core to their goals.

TECHNICAL ADVISORY GROUP provides a way for organizations to get the technology they need at a price they can afford. Our consulting and TELECOM COST MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS will save you time, money, confusion and aggravation in collecting and analyzing information, optimizing systems, evaluating alternatives, implementing changes and working with telecom vendors. TECHNICAL ADVISORY GROUP employs best practices methodologies to validate and optimize the full telecom service life cycle. We start with telecom asset management and telecom invoice management to help save our customers 9-30% on their total telecommunications spend.

Our goal is to not only lower your costs, but work with your management team to increase productivity. With our expertise, proven methodologies and tools to help you manage these expenses, this will enable your business to operate much more cost-efficient.

Discover how TELECOM COST MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS can benefit your business. Let our team of experts focus our proven experience and vast industry knowledge on your unique business requirements to increase savings and reduce the hassle of managing your telecom expenses.

Telecom Cost Management Solutions

TECHNICAL ADVISORY GROUP is a business process outsourcing firm specializing in telecom and IT invoice and asset management. Typically for most businesses, telecom is an essential, non-core business competency. As such it can significantly impact and interfere with core business processes. We help companies more efficiently deploy capital in essential, non-core competencies, specifically; telecom and IT invoice and asset management.

We provide the premier Tele-management solution that:
  • Validates vendor billing, tracks contract and inventory and automates auditing
  • Manages call accounting and traffic analysis
  • Enables work orders and trouble tickets
  • Optimizes wireless plans and provides wireless device visibility
TELECOM COST MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS is facilitated through the use of 100% Web-based browser with fully integrated back-office integration to legacy Human Resources and Financial applications.

Our software focuses on increasing efficiencies and reducing costs via:
  • Call Accounting -- charge back, toll fraud, vendor bill reconciliation, PC based polling devices, serial to IP connect boxes for CDR collection, tie line reconciliation, switch integration, Nortel OTM discovery feed, auto cost center updates, GL and HR feeds, tenant resale, vendor feeds
  • Invoice Processing -- exception reporting, asset management, auto dispute management, auto disbursement, accruals, missing invoice reports, contract management, unlimited filters and user defined fields and unlimited reporting on all data fields
  • Asset Management -- work order/trouble ticket, vendor procurement (E-Bonding and Web Services), inventory warehouse, cable and wiring management
  • TeleCell – Wireless Optimization -- Cell Phone, pagers, blackberries, PDA's, air cards, etc, vendor plan optimization, usage reporting down to line item detail, global views, HR and inventory management
  • Recovery Audit -- contingency based service on review of paid invoices. Check for discrepancies in contracts, discounts, taxes, tariffs, and inventory--no money exchanged unless mistakes in billing on collected.
Streamline Your Processes. Increase Your Efficiency. Maximize Your Budget.
Since telecom spending is typically the second or third largest single expense for most organization. TELECOM COST MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS streamlines telecom cost management and your constantly changing telecom environment, including cost allocations, price comparisons, bill auditing, orders, and inventory making this software invaluable. Our thorough processes, embedded in our ongoing services and software, enable companies to automate telecom expense management and transform a manual, time-consuming paper-based process into a tightly managed system.

Save money
Reduce your voice, data, and wireless overhead costs, ensure competitive pricing, and expose billing errors and waste. In May 2002, Gartner Research estimated that the average enterprise overpays telecom bills by 5-10%, although our experience has reflects an average company savings of 9-30%. Our experience has proven when we get closer to being able to truly identify and manage the telecom assets; we are able to reduce customer costs.

Save time
Automate your internal administrative tasks and reduce time spent on antiquated procedures, allowing you to focus on higher business priorities.

Centralize and simplify
Consolidate and track your billing, inventory and directory information in one database.

  • It allows companies to focus on core competencies
  • It relieves companies from the challenge of maintaining a competitive staff, methodology, and tools
  • It results in faster invoice processing time and refund cycles
  • It offers companies organizational flexibility in industry growth or downsizing
  • It gives better insight and management control for your telecommunications invoice management and total telecommunications spend through a web based management tool.
  • We scrutinize every expense on every telecommunications invoice to help you reduce your total telecommunications spend eliminating billing errors, incorrect tariff charges and unneeded features.
  • It provides a mechanism for cost allocating telecom expenses across the responsible cost centers.
  • Influence usage by establishing financial policies with threshold alerts and variance reports
  • Make better planning decisions with a solid understanding of total telecom usage and spend
  • Leverage peer benchmark information to improve contract terms
  • Leverage corporate buying power with vendors for improved pricing
  • Optimize rate plans based on known usage patterns
  • Change carriers based on better contract terms
  • Enable user accountability through accounting and charge back mechanisms
  • Refunds on bill entry typos
  • Refunds on taxes
  • Credits for discounts not applied
  • Assurance of proper billings for moves, adds, changes, and deletions (MACD)
  • Credits for outdated rate plan tables
  • Duplicate payment avoidance
  • Fraud control measures
  • Consolidated billing
  • Electronic medium billing
  • Client specific Accounts Payable Uploads
  • Inventory of lines and associated features for perspective savings
  • Exception reporting coding to your GL chart of accounts
  • Accounts Payable mapping by employee, department, cost center
  • Electronic uploads to your back office system for efficient bill paying
  • Historic recoveries, prospective savings, individual user reports
  • On line report modeling to customer specific needs
  • Recast and re-bill services to sub organizations or clients