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The need for a reliable, scalable, available and security-rich IT infrastructure has never been more critical to the success of an organization. Our comprehensive set of services can help you optimize your IT investments, improve performance, achieve availability objectives and avoid costly problems.

Many organizations are unable to use information technology effectively. They do not have the in-house expertise to develop a strategy, choose architecture, implement solutions, or manage and maintain their information technology investments. The costs of learning what can be done, acquiring the expertise to implement solutions, and then managing and maintaining their investments can be daunting.

Yet, the costs of information technology have never been lower and the opportunities to use it never better!

TECHNICAL ADVISORY GROUP provides a way for organizations to get the technology they need at a price they can afford. With the right partners, Information Technology can be far more "gain than pain". We have the expertise, proven methodologies and tools to help you manage your IT responsibilities as well as improve the operations of your business.

Our company services are outlined below. We can promise that meeting with our group will not be a waste of your time and we will make ourselves available at your convenience, during or outside of normal business hours to discuss further in detail.

Virtual CTO Services

Virtual CTO services provide to start-ups and other high-growth organizations the technology planning and management expertise required to build and execute a technology-based business plan. These services are available on an interim basis and cover the follow broad areas:

- Strategic Planning
- IT Management
- Security Analysis and Network Intrusion Testing
- Technology Project Management
- Infrastructure & Systems Architecture
- Emerging Technology Evaluation
- Technology Planning & Due Diligence
- Software Quality Assurance
- E-commerce Development
- Subcontractor/Vendor Management

Examples include:
  • Creating and maintaining long term strategic plans for IT consistent with the overall business objectives
  • Participating in the assessment of new business ventures, acquisitions and alliances
  • Developing and presenting board-level technology assessments
  • Assisting senior management in understanding new technologies and potential product applications
  • Participating in or leading technology-dependent product development efforts
  • Establishing repeatable methods and practices to ensure timely delivery of robust products
  • Monitoring and participating in external technology forums such as standards bodies and associations
  • Transforming high-level strategic IT plans into a tactical set of projects
  • Managing tactical IT projects to a successful conclusion
  • Day-to-day management of the information technology organization
  • Developing strategic and tactical IT plans including expense, capital and resource budgets
  • Defining technology organization and project management structures
  • Attracting, recruiting, and selecting top level technology talent
  • Overseeing the development of high-level system architecture